(SLOiNVENT Group Europe    &    Stones Export S.a.r.l. Madagascar)

25 years of experiences in mining, mining concessions and international trading.
With representative office in Europe and partners and contacts in 32 countries worldwide.
Excellent business and financial references.

With great pleasure we deliver additional details about OUR CONCESSIONS, about our company and our partners (in person by appointment only).


©  S. MA. R. A. G. D. (SLOiNVENT Group Europe & STONES EXPORT S.a.r.l. Madagascar)
Madagascar Company for Research, Analysis, Geology, Diagnosis and sale of Mining Concessions 
Société Malgache pour la Recherche, l'Analyse, la Géologie, Diagnose et les ventes des Concessions Minières (en cours d'établissement)